About me

Hello and welcome to Thread + Honey! I'm so glad you stumbled across my website. I hope you will take a moment to read a little about me and my small shop start up! 

I'm from a small farming town located in the panhandle of Texas. I attended Texas Tech University and graduated with a degree in Education. I married my handsome high school sweetheart. I taught 4th grade for 3 years and 2nd grade for 2 years here in Plano,TX. Teaching was and always will be a passion of mine. It will forever hold a special place in my heart. I miss my kiddos so much sometimes it hurts but when we got pregnant, my husband and I both agreed on me staying home. I can't believe I've been a stay at home mommy for 3 years now.... what a blessing it has been to watch my little girl grow! We have one beautiful daughter, Ava Catherine, that is 2.5yrs old. She's pretty great and has brought so much joy to our lives! 

Now I've always been a pretty crafty gal but I NEVER thought in a bazillion years I'd learn to sew and have a small business! I explored a plethora of crafts before starting T+H. Handmade clay dishes, refurbishing and selling small pieces of furniture, wreaths (yes I was the crazy lady at hobby lobby buying all the burlap) vinyl heat press shirts... you name it, I probably tried my hand at it! Until.... I stumbled across my first sewing machine. It was a very basic Singer that cost me a whole $40 smackers! That's where it all began. When then the magic started happening💫....well kinda. 

I am a self-taught sewist. I had no clue how to thread a machine or change a needle. I spent many late nights of reading, texting mom, googling, and YouTube'ing along with the rollercoaster of emotions. Feelings of frustration accompanied by unladylike words, then being elated upon completing something... then watching it fall apart.... followed by more unlady like words.

Now most people start out sewing fairly simple things like pillows with easy-to-work with fabrics like, oh I don't know... COTTON. Well I decided to start with leather. I wanted to make my baby girl those oh-so-cute baby moccs and was determined to do so! Shockingly, I was kind of good at it! I made moccs for some months and even started selling them here and there. I eventually made the decision to put the leather aside and hone in on making baby girl tunics. Needless to say, Thread + Honey was born last March and I've enjoyed every single bit of it!! Building a business from the ground up has been a humbling and such a rewarding experience to say the least. I've learned so much and continue to do so daily! There's always room for improvement! I'm a one man shop. I make each garment by hand with much love right here in my home in hopes to put a smile on your little ones face when she puts it on (or YOUR face at least if your babe is too small to know what's going on).  

A little logistics about T+H: I have a Facebook page that I am pretty active on where you can see all the latest sneaks and get the most up to date news. This website is where all the releases take place. You might notice it says "sold out" on everything. That's because every piece is made to order. I usually sell out within minutes from the release time due to the number of tunics that are going to be made. I will announce releases on FB well in advance to give everyone a heads up. I do take custom orders, when I'm not in the middle of sewing for a release. I usually announce when a custom spots become available to let everyone know. I like to do giveaways/contests/play games so make sure you turn on your notifications! www.facebook.com/threadandhoneyhandmades is the link! My Instagram link is www.intstagram.com/threadandhoneyhandmades

If you don't remember anything about me, just remember these three things... I love Jesus, my family, and my job. In that order. YOU are what makes this all possible and I thank you for all the support and love you've shown Thread+Honey! 💕 I hope this gives you a little glimpse into my world! #threadandhoneyhandmades